The purpose of the campaign is to promote deaf awareness across all of society, so that the deaf and hard of hearing don’t continue to be isolated, due to mis-understanding of this hidden disability. 

Did you know that 20% of the adult population have a degree of hearing loss?

We are keeping the costs low so that as many people as possible can be trained, and consequently, become more deaf aware.

If you are a charity, not-for-profit, or a business with revenue less than £2M/year, the training is FREE, for unlimited employees. We just ask that you purchase the media kit for £39.99 (including UK P&P), and consider a voluntary donation to help us with the PR, marketing and managing our costs. 

The media kit (£39.99 inclusive of UK P&P), contains the following posters/cards:

1 x A3 Poster

2 x A4 Cards

4 x A5 Cards

The posters/cards are important – put them in your shop window, reception, bar, ship, office etc., so that your employees, customers and visitors see that you are deaf aware. It also includes social media images and guidance to promote the fact that your organisation is deaf aware online. 

Each employee is provided with access to the online training which is modular, and self-paced. Consists of 12 modules, including an end-of-course quiz, and includes video and downloadable content.

The training covers topics including:

  • Deaf statistics
  • What exactly is deafness?
  • Identifying the signs that someone maybe deaf
  • Tools that the deaf and HoH use
  • What’s it like to be deaf?
  • Tips in communicating – face to face, video and telephone